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I and our organization consulted with Pauline on a communications project. Her ability to assess our needs and provide solutions was remarkable. We were moved by her compassion, intuition and creativity.


Jamal Rahman

Interfaith Community Sanctuary

Pauline is a true leader. Bringing excellence in authentic management practices, she excels as a people leader in practice. Pauline takes it a step further, bringing her talents to the masses by hosting and facilitating conferences in humanistic management. Pauline’s 2017 conference in Seattle was perhaps one of the most influential and impactful conference for my career in Leadership Development and Equity and Inclusion.

Danny Cords

Learning And Development Specialist at WSECU

Pauline is brilliant as facilitator. I now understand why she labels herself an Inspiration Developer. She is creative, emotionally intelligent and courageous enough to let a scheduled conference session color out of the lines to find it's own generative brilliance. I've been lucky enough to witness her humble, leadership from behind style take an entire event to a level it wouldn't have reached otherwise.

Cylvia Hayes

Author. Speaker. Empowerment Trainer and Coach

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