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Wow, ping pong tables have been replaced with mindfulness facilitators, for real?

As the year unfolds the titles of stories, the great leadership examples, and interviews with employees show a story change. Plastic straws ban in Washington, lucky paper ones were invented just minutes before. Who came first the chicken or the egg? what comes first the shift in awareness or the story that unfolds? Does it matter?

Building resilience in a changing world is about going with the times. There was a time for ping pong tables, then there was a time for mindfulness, now it is time to bring our values with us to the workplace. Being mindful of our decisions, which we always were, only now through a new lens.

A conference, master class, rubber room, call it as you will, a space and time to exercise those values, practice using your voice, appearing irrational in a safe space, hearing yourself, with members of your team, allowing the diverse voices and values to work together, reach places the team cares about and were the companies needs are met. Resilience is standing behind what you do when it is real, it can manifest in forms unfamiliar to any one individual. June 6th & 7th there is a unique opportunity to do group work, team building and lens cleaning in an intimate setting with professionals who are not only about companies well being but the lives of the individuals who are the backbone and who can be there as the world around changes.

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