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Meaningfully Engaging Culturally Diverse Communities

I met and enjoyed deep conversations with Samad and anyone who has the pleasure of spending any time with him is lucky. Come join us. Hear about his research and challenge him.

We are all coming together to see where we  are and to hear different perspectives while holding what we know to be true.

Samad Aidane MSc, PMP, Cross-Cultural Leadership Development. "I am researching how people working in organizations such as local governments can promote social equity by meaningfully engaging culturally diverse communities that have been historically negatively impacted by local government projects."

Samad is part of a boutique, leadership development consultancy bringing together the latest neuroscience research to help organizations build inclusive leadership cultures that fully engage an increasingly diverse array of stakeholders. We integrate insights from evidence-based research in cultural neuroscience, cultural intelligence, and cross-cultural team management to provide a brain-based framework for understanding how cultural values shape the way we make decisions, solve problems, and collaborate with others in multicultural teams and Designed and teaches at the Oregon State University College of Business.

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