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Diversity of thought in action - AI, CEO, POLITICIAN

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Danne Stayskal - Senior Principal Engineer - Oracle, Tom Everill, retired CEO of Northwest Center and Nick Licata, 18 years in office as a Seattle City Council Member , All three local Seattle Heros.

Heros at holding community while the world grows and morphs into the next set of truths, while the world around us vulnerable beings is shifting, as we move into a digital age.

Combining this with Danne Stayskal, having published: The construction of cultural heritage in the digital age: "Who owns conversation?" and "What does conversation own?" and The Visceral Society which addresses the evolution of human rights and responsibilities through industrialization.

A woman who knows what a changing world feels like depending on where you are standing, and while she could be running off into the digital world where she is the expert, comfortable and safe, she has chosen a path of connection. A path with human rights, dignity, wellbeing, the right to be feeling, emotional creators of love. How that relates to our workplace or relationships with AI and each other. The study of how to develop human-compatible ethical decision-making capabilities in artificially intelligent systems. So that we might be resilient in this changing world.

Tom Everill, took NW Center from a place subsidized to being one of the most successful non - profits through human respect and abilities. The trials and tribulations, the decisions made that would lead to a great vision, the obstacles encountered as the changes were happening, oh what great stories, one's I would love to hear about, oh wait he is in the process of writing a book, 10 years as CEO the reflections he wrote the challenges he faced the decisions he was being accused of not making ( yes there is a story there).


And Nick Licata who after 18 years of holding ideals for Seattle and being a representative of community left and published a book called "Becoming a Citizen Activist"

What could these three possibly have in common?

A strong Leadership Ethos, and a respect for the society they live in. Able to recognize the ethics there companies and organizations have laid out and wanting these organizations to succeed. Willing to be part of a larger and sometimes hopeless entity, sometimes feeling powerless and still bringing their full selves. Seeing that the decisions they made on an individual level could effect the outcomes. Wanting the best for everyone. Servants to humanity.

come join us hear them, ask them, share with them.

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