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Last week at  The 5th Annual Humanistic Management Conference, Weltethos-Institut, University of T

A World Ethos for Global Business? Cosmopolitan Responsibilities of Management

05 - 06 October 2017 Weltethos-Institut, University of Tuebingen

What a great conference, sparks where flying, great minds coming together, how do we make it the norm for businesses to be socially responsible?

I would say first by asking the question and then my bringing very smart people together into a room and sharing the story and then .......... having another conversation on the other side of the world and if we do this enough times and it makes sense it might stick or has our civilization gone senseless? No it has not more and more great conversations around a globally responsible world and social entrepreneurs being bread , I saw, a presenter talked about programs creating social entrepreneurs in south Africa and how to rekindle entrepreneurship in China, the turning AI in to BI, oh yes, and........... Bees as an example of management, just my style. And so so so much more.

Yes and the conversation continues building resilience in a changing world takes a global community

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