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International Humanistic Management Conference: building Resilience in a Changing World

BY PAULINE MCCHARLES on September 8, 2017 at 8:48 am

Taking place on October 24-26 in Downtown Seattle, the International Humanistic Management Conference is to inspire the people who get things done in your organization. The people who inspire(lead) teams. The people who inspire creativity. The people who are your organization.

The question of the conference is “How do we build resilience in a changing world?” How do we take a reactive management style and make it an active one?  We, as a global community, will explore our perception of dignity,  decision making and well being to create resilience in our workplaces and in our changing world.

Participatory Conversations

This conference is for mature people who want to talk about ideas in a mature way. Do you have the resilience of thought to think about other ideas? To be challenged?

Culture shifters of Seattle this is a conference designed for you. Do you have the resilience of thought to think about others ideas?

At this conference, We are all working on ways to empower the employee. We, as a global community, will work to reframe perception of dignity at our workplace. Why Seattle? At local companies here we have managers who are developing and focusing on dignity and well-being as a priority. Let us share our ideas.

Each company has explored and is exploring employee wellbeing, it is time to bring our notes together and add some global experience to the conversation and see how we can write policies that will bring peace of mind and allow us to make the better decisions when we approach the world we work with.

Humanistic Management

Humanistic management is the pursuit of strategies and practices aimed at the creation of sustainable human welfare. In combination, these three dimensions promote human flourishing through economic activities that are life-conducive and add value to society at large. Submitting business decisions to these three guiding principles is what we call humanistic management.

As a business woman and a student, I came across the Welt- Ethos Institute, a think tank in southern Germany, based on a declaration signed by the parliament of world religions in 1993 in Chicago. where I spent time exploring new ideas and approaches to management and personal empowerment on a global level. I was also introduced to The Humanistic Management Network a worldwide initiative among professors, to bring new ideas into Business schools that unite profit, people, and planet together as equals, and the Humanistic Management Center.

Bringing an international conference to Seattle

The World Ethos Institute, Humanistic Management Group, and Inspiration Developers are coming to town for this international conference because when I returned to Seattle I realized these were conversations that needed to be happening here.

I wanted to see Claus Dierksmeier, sitting with Christian Felber being challenged by Carlos Largacha-Martinez, Ph.D. talking about real life practices that are implementing shifts in culture. Imagine, experiencing Michael Pirson, Tom Evrall and Mark R. Jones, Ph.D. on a panel together talking about what’s working and what they are struggling with.

We want Seattle to witness a conversation between Sandra Waddock, Professor, Ernst von Kimakowitz, University St. Gallen, Switzerland and co-founder of the humanistic Management network, chair of strategy with Brenna Davis – Vice President, Social & Environmental Responsibility, PCC Natural Markets. We know a lot of great people in Seattle are forging new ways in the workplace.

Topics will include:

Linking personal values to business performance.

Workplace resilience in times of change.

How to care for business, environment and human community.

A Powerful opportunity to think about global business relations.

The important role of middle management.

Empowerment of diverse thought from a place of the individual ethos.

Character building, team building, and company building based on a solid yet diverse ethos.

See the full agenda here.

Calling all culture shifters of Seattle

Our dream is for live practitioners to connect at round tables with academics and policy makers academics listen to and interact with discussion panels and share. Our goal is to create inspired space for these conversations.

Culture shifters of Seattle this is a conference designed for you. Do you have the resilience of thought to think about others ideas?

A conference for those shifting cultures in organizations, and looking to share their successes and ready to ask questions about their challenges. Ready to walk away from the conference with confidence, new allies, new perspectives and with tools.

We look forward to hearing your voice in this conversation.

I want to hear from people who are thinking about possibilities, who are Taking ownership and Empowering themselves and their communities. Feel free to share Pauline Mc Charles –

The International Humanistic Management Conference is taking place October 24-26 at Motif Seattle. Registration is available here.

Pauline Mc Charles is a lifelong social entrepreneur with an MA in Organizational Development. She recognizes the beauty of owning up to who you are even at the workplace. Pauline’s workshops are coming from a humanistic approach, as a consultant she listens, listens to what is not being said and goes on a journey of discovery. Everyone of us has felt inspired and is inspired, her job is to mirror this back at each member of the team. By recognizing one's own inner motor one can thrive at work and return home with dignity. Learn more about Pauline and Inspiration Developers.

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