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Finding the Flow in Management

  1. As I pondered balance and flow in organizations, I asked myself what does a panel need to flow, and what does an organization need to be organized. Personally, I believe the heart and the mind should be working together. Everything else is theory. Then I realized, it is not as easy as one would think in a culture where the mind is admired, to take the time and listen to the heart and then there is the whole being vulnerable thing, which adds a layer of equilibrium work.

All of this seems like a lot of non-business work, with results that appear invisible, unquantifiable and not very sellable. Well These two speakers would disagree. It is actually quite easy, it takes adding the body to the equation, Connecting the mind and the heart is the most intricate, intelligent, communication system we know of, our bodies.

The speakers I sought out because of how they move through the world, vuln