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Developing emotional intelligence muscles as we return to the workplace.

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

I just published the second book of a series called " Building resilience in a changing world"

Inspiration Developers: Angels at the workplace, the first of the series published just before the conference in 2017, was written using Organizational Development concepts and Emotional verbiage. I called it a workbook. The book was directed at corporate culture, the idea was to read between the lines, and exercise one's emotional intelligence. Through this process, a work-life balance and a sense of empowerment can grow and habits can form for a more collaborative lifestyle. With the pandemic, this book has become a simple read. I was accused of speaking butterfly to caterpillars, I believe we are butterflies just some forget and or don't have time to use our emotional intelligence while at work. The ideas in this book are simple and known, they might be useful as we transition back to the workplace, it's all about balancing ourselves at work so that we can feel good about ourselves at home. It is on Kindle. Enjoy.

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