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Dare, Comfort is Regress

Company culture is always changing, always, adapting recalibrating, looking for and developing the better way of doing things. The charts should always be going upwards or someone is not doing there job, and someone new is always there to take a try at it.

The chart rules over lives, life styles and company values.

We know this, does anyone say it? yes, and proud of it.

Culture shifting? changing the culture of a company? Being better to humans? thinking about the employees wellbeing? yes, of course every company is trying to do this and would have been all along if their was a path that could be followed that would not effect the upwards momentum on the charts, and the person proposing it did not get looked upon as a threat to everyones job.

Now, consumers expectations and internets transparency has made it a priority in order for the charts to sustain and grow. Its happening, the companies are bringing in, finding within the organization and developing systems that will cater too the wellbeing of the individuals in the organizations needs more than ever.

Now that the company is sponsoring wellbeing and investing in team building its time to reap the fruit from these beautiful smart beings that the corporate culture has spend many hours of thought on.

How? what am I saying? ethic at the work place and a leadership ethos is one of the next stages on our journey as we continue to move upwards on our charts in business and civilization.

Voices at the table, the diversity of backgrounds the diversity of knowledge the diversity of emotional intelligence that no AI can fathom. Ai can is an expectation of our human existence and can not taste which country an olive came from or smell home made jam in the kitchen. It is not AI who buys the products who uses the services and it is not AI who feels the impact as humans find purpose, as the human feels the edge of a wave the wind holding them up, or a kite fluttering and taking a nose dive.

Employees wellbeing is only a first step towards a new cooperate culture.

Our world is changing it always has and it always will.

What next, which path is the better path for all of us? There is no path there is a Chart, and the chart should always be moving upwards, even when it is uncomfortable.

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