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Resistance is futile, we are human, yes.

It is beautiful, now that we are gathering our forces and recalibrating our services, our jobs, how we go about what we do in the world, and what we have held our identities accountable for. We create. This program has not been written yet.

This is a time and an opportunity to recognized the gifts AI can bring us and how different we are to AI. How we need each other. AI is another tool that mankind has created, as with fire, with a little taming we will grow to depend on each other.

Thinking like AI may make for a great programmer, thinking like a human may make a creative programmer, and being a hum

an who speaks the language of AI is the future of harmony. Work-life balance.

With AI holding the brain, the facts, the speculations, the assumptions, and the conspiracies, we can let them go. We can relax our minds, move through stories, and find our flow, our passions, and be present in the now.

Now is full of materials we can create, expand, thrive with, and share. Have you noticed it? the fear, projections of fear, feelings AI does not comput. The love, being there for our communities, using AI to let each other know how we are. The practicality of information collected through our human experience gathered and AI transmitting our needs back at us so we can make, share, create masks, ventilators, food, and shelter. It's beautiful.

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