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What a fabulous event, As each panel came forth, each panelist with the subject as their cue and Keynotes ready to step up with what they know. A conference lead without a leader, yet of Leaders, each holding the strength needed for the community and the world, taking a moment to look inward and to gather self. It was interesting for me to watch the disciplines make sense to each other, the generations make sense to each other, and the different walks of life, how they found sense together. This was not a conference to show what you know or how hard you have worked, it was a conference to sit with self and listen. There was the idea of humanistic management there was the practice of it, there was the theory of compassion, and there was compassion, and there was being and sharing, and there was how do we continue to share and strengthen, to do. This is not new, this is why we go to conferences, to Create, strengthen, and develop our civilization, creating meaning together, to better co-exist and grow, and flourish, and now we add the earth as a being too. Conferences strengthen the story we share, and want to be living.  So let's go to more conferences like this one, where we build a foundation strong enough to bring a community along in and flexible enough we have room to grow and include. There will always be the Tessa Metaphor, which only if you where there will you know what it is. More stories to come. 


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