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Bertine Van Hoof Managing director Work Wise, Senior HRD advisor Here from Holland.

We welcome Bertine Van Hoof, here from Holland, here where new perspectives, new traditions are forming daily. As we in Seattle embrace technology and global ethics stumbling around like two year old's pretending we understand, with hearts open to the best for humanity solutions in mind. The depth of work a culture takes to form, is more time than writing code and yet it is just as important. The technology world is Writing the code for our civilization, as we integrate our AI into a new understanding of culture.

Bertine is a leader. (She would never share.) Over 30 years coaching leadership while tracking down the path, asking herself, how was it done in the past and how do other cultures do it? not afraid to find out that their are other ways and embracing alternative perspectives in order to understand the human condition.

My favorite, Another State of Mind: Perspectives from Wisdom Traditions on Management and Business 2014 Edition. WE are lucky to have her here, her coaching skills are a level apart, come join us, sit on a couch in an intimate setting and share your story see yourself through her eyes. at the Discovery Center on Southlake Union, Join us June 6th and 7th 2019.

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