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A Corporate Ninja

Margo Rose, Little do you now , the corporate Ninjas are every where, thriving on knowledge, drinking up the conversations consultants and merger specialists are having in the coffee room reading the books, then one day heading to conferences, speaking with experts returning and implementing the knowledge, not giving it a fancy name or declaring ones self an expert simply seeing if what she heard could work. Why? because she loves her job, she loves people and she loves watching her organization (the organization that hired

her) thrive, what better way to help the organization than to learn more about how to help it. By asking the questions. and then one day she is asked to write a chapter, being published and all she did was do the best she could in corporate culture with what she had. which 25 years ago was not much to go on. meet Margo. "Of particular interest is the connection between emotional intelligence, consciousness, and our intentions to discover purpose and meaning. Her current writing focuses on implementation of lean management and its effects on employee well being and engagement."

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